Ecommerce for Educational Institutions : How to setup Online Coaching for Educational Institutions

Ecommerce is reshaping business practices and education, yet many have expressed concern over the ecommerce education and training provided to students. This study examines the extent to which business schools, particularly accounting programs are integrating ecommerce education into their curricula. The ecommerce education issues addressed in this study should help business schools and accounting programs prepare students for the challenges awaiting them in the area of emerging technological advances

Education and eCommerce: Customer Services through the online enrollment

The hundreds of years, academic institutions have prided themselves on their selectively. The case of reputable school more difficult it is to be admitted. Students have traditionally been heavily screened, required to demonstrate academic prowess, testing skills creatively and persistence. The result is a well-honed infrastructure supporting these selection processes that includes performance on standardized tests, college essays, interviews and selection committees. An entire digital infrastructure is required to process applications, admissions, registrations, course selection and advising. Admission decisions can take weeks or months as institutions pore over applications from prospective students to select few who meet that particular institution’s acceptance requirements.

Some Forces that Make Need for Customer Service in Higher Education

In the case of student experience in the Admissions processes, Registrations support, advising or getting technical help to access course work, two forces are fundamentally shifting the traditional “selective exclusionary” approach to one requiring institutions to be “inclusive and service minded” these are

Student Expectations 

The students expect to seamlessly move from browsing on pinterest to enrolling in their degree of choice. They check blogs, social media and other sites for opinions about everything related to the school, including the level of support provided by their chosen institution to online learners. They fully expect college website information & the education experience to mirror the ease, responsiveness.

Increasing number of professionals going back for additional graduation

As education becomes more accessible, colleges now have to rise to the challenges of serving a largely new audience of adult professionals. These working professionals are returning for additional degrees because online education has become a viable option even with a full-time job and family commitments. Recent studies show the primary reason for choosing an online degree program in the ability to balance work, family & school.

Impacts of E-education in world

Internet as a central component of learning. Both private corporations and educational institutions expected the expanding commercial internet to revolutionize higher education and open a lucrative source of revenue. Web-affiliated and online learning constituted one of higher education’s fastest growing trends.

With a growing emphasis on an information driven global economy, higher education was viewed as increasingly essential for the world’s population.
E-educations proponents insist that its geographically unlimited nature provides an efficient and cost-effective medium for supplying education to anyone with online access. Proponents perceive e-learning as an alternative to traditional, face to face classroom education and hail it as the great democratizer of higher education

The internets impact has been felt in many arenas of higher education. It facilitates Communication and research. It has spawned courseware and college portal companies that provide streamlined university services to faculty, administrators and students. It increasingly has become the school itself, as more Cyber-colleges and fully online universities emerge, offering everything from technical certificates to full-blown advanced graduate and Professional degrees.

Colleges and Universities experimented with various forms of online education. Some institutions required even residential students to complete a portion of their course work online. Others formed consortia of several Schools, making their pooled course offerings available via online portals.

How to setup Online Coaching for Educational Institutions

It is common sense to have a good online presence for any business in 2019. And for educational institutes, having a good online presence easily includes, an online coaching option for their existing students and for new ones or perhaps international students too.

We have seen plenty of options for adding your institute to an existing solution of a marketplace that may provide a general shop with you having no control over the student data or course analytics. That is why it is important to have your own online coaching and ecommerce solution. Solutions like EarnJobz make it furthermore easier and budget-friendly to setup your own system online. To know more:

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